Israeli deep learning imaging analytics company, Zebra Medical Vision, has announced that all its radiology algorithms will be enabled on the Google Cloud.

This new partnership forms part of Zebra’s new AI1 initiative that aims to make AI-enabled healthcare solutions more affordable globally.

By partnering with Google Cloud, Zebra aims to encourage faster global adoption of its advanced tools by bypassing the need for healthcare institutions to pay for servers to store the imaging on-site.

Using millions of longitudinal high quality imaging scans, Zebra has developed a deep learning engine that can automatically detect various medical findings in imaging scans. Current capabilities include automatic detection of liver, lung, cardiovascular and bone disease. New capabilities are also constantly being released – covering breast cancer, lung cancer, brain trauma, hypertension and other clinical areas.

Zebra’s findings are integrated into the PACS system running on Google Cloud Platform, allowing radiologists to include them in their reading and reporting workflow. According to Zebra, this automated assistance contributes to more comprehensive, quantitative and consistent reporting, improving the output of radiologists and contributing to overall improved patient care.

The company’s analytics engine is deployed in more than 50 hospitals globally, and has analysed more than one million patient scans to date.

“With the AI1 all-in-one offering, enabled on Google Cloud, we can offer health providers on-going population health and clinical insights to improve patients’ lives and reduce healthcare costs,” said Co-founder and CEO of Zebra, Elad Benjamin.

“We are making a commitment to provide our current tools, and all future ones, for a flat $1 USD per scan. By doing so we believe that a true difference can be made in the provision of radiology services worldwide,” concluded Benjamin.

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