A-Z of Medicines provides intelligent, integrated, individualised medicines information solutions for variable platforms from a fully normalised database. They believe that a medicine is only as good as the information provided with it. Their aim is to improve patient care and safe medication administration by providing relevant information, where and when it’s needed, in a format and language that is useful.

A-Z of Medicines has built a comprehensive database of 5,000 chemical entities, providing  electronic information such as trade names (42950), cross links between generic names, allergy checking, therapeutic duplication, drug-drug interactions (31481 facts), drug-disease interactions, side-effects rated according to severity and frequency, dose strength, counselling information for prescribing or dispensing and safe use in pregnancy, lactation, porphyria, professional sports, driving, with alcohol use, etc.

Where Implemented

Over the last 15 years A-Z of Medicines has built this database with a view to helping busy healthcare professionals across the country, by providing integrated solutions or web and mobi access.

Contribution to eHealth in SA

A-Z of Medicines provides accurate, dependable, referenced information to enhance safe medication use and improve patient care. They are currently developing their eHealth platform that is set to be available next year as part of their strategy of expanding their offering to help busy healthcare professionals.

For more information, visit: www.atozofmedicines.com

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