US-based Yono Labs have created an in-ear wearable device that promises to help women get pregnant by monitoring their body temperature, revealing the best time to conceive.

The Yono device records the basal body temperature (BBT) through the wearer’s ear. The silicone-encased device (similar to an earbud) is worn all night during which data is collected multiple times to determine the lowest BBT, which increases slightly in the days before a woman is most fertile.

Yono Founder and CEO, Vanessa Xi says when she was trying to get pregnant her OB/GYN asked her to measure her BBT daily. She found that even for the most disciplined women, it’s difficult to finish one month’s data measuring, recording and plotting.

Unlike a traditional basal thermometer, Yono’s device automatically measures the users’ temperature up to 70 times per night. Using Bluetooth, data collected is sent to the Yono app in the morning, which analyses the data and predicts the best window for fertility.

“I created Yono out of my own personal challenges with conception and I saw first-hand the need for technology to accurately give me the data I needed. Yono is a wearable that gives women precise information – it is very discreet, easy to use and takes the guesswork out of getting pregnant,” said Xi.

While devices and other fertility methods exist, Yono says its devices are more accurate and convenient to use. Yono says because the temperature is taken in the closed and controlled environment of the ear canal, the sensor captures the most accurate data without being affected by the ambient temperature.

Through a kickstarter campaign, the company has raised over $30,000 and expects to ship its devices, which currently costs $99, in December 2015.

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