Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Alabama, Dr Edward Sazonov, has developed an eHealth wearable weight management device to be worn on an ear, called the Automatic Ingestion Monitor (AIM), that records food intake and calculates calories.

The Bluetooth enabled device works by monitoring chewing motions and has the ability to distinguish between jaw movements related to talking or yawning. The device has a camera attached that is used to captures images of food which are then compared to an online database to determine nutritional and calorie information.The gadget counts water intake and the rate at which stable hydrogen and oxygen isotypes are eliminated by the body. The device is also capable of functioning as a pedometer.

“The sensor could provide objective data, helping us better understand patterns of food intake associated with obesity and eating disorders,” said Dr Sazonov.

While not yet on the market, the device is intended to be used as a medical tool to power other devices such as hearing aids, cochlear implants and phones. Upgrades to the device will include reducing the size and increasing accuracy as well as the ability to compare exercise levels to calorie intake.

No launch date for the device has been announced as of yet.

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