The Western Cape Minister of Health, Dr Nomafrench Mbombo, is inviting the general public to nominate persons to serve on the newly constituted Hospital Boards, in accordance with section 6(1) of the Western Cape Health Facility Boards Act.

According to the Act, the Provincial Health Minister will appoint members to serve on the hospital boards on a voluntary basis; however members will be reimbursed by the Board for certain travelling and subsistence expenses incurred.

The Act was introduced in 2001 to ensure management at all public health facilities are accountable to, and have the support of, their communities and manage their resources responsibly and effectively.

Under the Act, the Provincial Minister must appoint no less than eight but not more than 14 members to a Board, including: persons representing a community or communities served by the health facility; at least one person with technical expertise in business, law, finance, accounting or some other area relevant to the functions of the Board; the head of the hospital.

The minister can appoint at least one person representing the clinical staff of the relevant hospital, nominated by the clinical staff of such hospital; at least one person representing the non-clinical staff of the relevant hospital, nominated by the non-clinical staff of such a hospital; and in the case of a hospital where health professionals are trained, at least one person representing academic interests and nominated by the Vice-Chancellor of the relevant university.

Nominees who are interested in becoming members of the Health Facility Board should submit a signed copy of the nomination form; the name of the hospital for which the nomination is made; the full name and address of the nominee; copy of their CV accompanied by a motivation letter for considering the nominee a suitable member of the Board; and a declaration by the nominee of his or her willingness to be a member of the Board.

In addition, for nominees in terms of section 6(1)(a) of the Act, i.e. for community representatives, the following information must accompany the nominations: the full name and address of the community body nominating the candidate and a copy of its constitution or other founding document; as well as an indication whether the nominee is a member of the nominating body and, if so, the length of the nominee’s membership, and if the nominee is not a member, why the body nominates that person.

Nomination forms may be obtained from and delivered to The Ministry of Health.

The closing date for all nominations is 30 October 2016.

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