The Vula Mobile Health app aims to change the way that primary health workers access information, carry out risk assessments, connect with specialists and make referrals.

Where implemented

Vula was founded by South African doctor William Mapham, who saw the potential for technology to improve referral networks whilst working in a hospital in rural Swaziland.

The app is available on Android and iOS operating systems, and is currently being used in five hospitals across South Africa, as well as one hospital in Swaziland.

Contribution to eHealth in SA

Vula also allows healthcare workers to capture patient information and carry out eye tests using a smartphone. The app began with ophthalmology but will soon include other specialities such as cardiology, dermatology, orthopaedics and more. Vula offers its users a library of information, which allows rural healthcare workers to look up eye conditions on their mobile phone.

What really sets Vula apart is its chat function, which allows the healthcare workers making the referral to send photographs and chat directly with an experienced medical specialist.

Vula is looking to diversify its product offering in the near future and is in negotiations with a number of partners who share their vision of a better healthcare system underpinned by an effective and efficient referral network.

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