Vitls is a medtech start-up founded by local entrepreneur, Werner Vorster and his wife, Louise after their son suffered a febrile seizure. The ground-breaking platform enables healthcare providers to continuously and remotely monitor a patient’s vital signs reliably and undisturbed.

The data collected is converted into actionable information using algorithms and sent to the cloud. The information is accessed through a smartphone/tablet app which will alert nurses or doctors of any irregularities with the patient.

Where Implemented

Currently the platform is in the final stages of development and is expected to roll out in South Africa in the near future. Vitls has been invited to trial the device in a 30 bed oncology unit, and has also had an offer of partnership for clinical trials.

In 2016 Vitls was accepted into the Silicon Valley Healthcare accelerator, Launchpad Digital Health.

Contribution to eHealth

The discreet, non-invasive wearable is designed for hospital use, making it easier for doctors and nurses to monitor patients’ vital signs such as breathing, pulse rate, body temperature, sleep and movement. The platform enables early detection of patient deterioration which could lead to a reduction to hospital stays and treatment costs associated with complications.

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