Life Vincent Pallotti Hospital in Cape Town has made substantial upgrades to its Novalis Tx radio-oncology equipment, allowing for faster and more accurate targeting and treatment of previously untreatable tumours. These upgrades have maintained the Oncology Centre’s status as a Centre of Excellence on South African soil.

18 months ago, the Oncology Centre was the first in Africa to introduce the Novalis Tx Radiosurgery equipment. Using ground breaking techniques such as image guided radiosurgery, volumetric modulated arc therapy and respiratory gating (for lung and pancreatic tumours), the centre has to date treated more than 400 patients.

One of the resident radiation oncologists, Dr Rainer Frohling, believes that the Life Vincent Pallotti Oncology Centre is an important player in the fight against cancer, and with the new upgrades it can take cancer treatments to another level. “The Novalis Tx allows me to offer my patients superlative radiotherapy, ensuring high accuracy, superior patient comfort with minimally invasive immobilisation while reducing treatment times,” said Dr Frohling.

Lead therapist at the Oncology Centre, Quinton Africa, is confident that patients will enjoy better outcomes with the new technology. “With the upgrade, radiotherapists can accurately place the patients in the treatment beam in order to treat tumours anywhere in the body with radiosurgery or radiotherapy.  The system allows us to monitor the patient during the radiation treatment,” said Africa.

Life Vincent Pallotti Hospital is part of the Life Healthcare Group, one of the largest private hospital groups in South Africa. The hospital has served patients throughout Cape Town and the city’s surrounding areas for the past 75 years and is regarded as one of SA’s top hospitals due to the extensive range of services it offers, which is wider than any other hospital in the Western Cape.

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