Founded in 2013, UDoTest™ is a young and innovative team of professionals who care about health and in particular the growing prevalence of infections and cancer around the world. This prompted them to ask the question “How can we make a positive change?” The answer, they believe, is in the products and services they have constructed at UDoTest™.

UDoTest™ partnered with specialists and experts in the medical and pathology fields who, together with UDoTest™, now bring to the market the latest in accepted and safe self-sample pathology tests that are as accurate as the methods typically employed in and out of hospitals.

Their goal is to empower people, with sensitive and accessible methods for early detection of diseases, using converged solutions.

Where Implemented

UDoTest™ products are available throughout South Africa and their laboratories can be found in South Africa, the UK and soon to be in the US.  UDoTest™ actively assists global customers and has warehousing in Philadelphia, Los Angeles and the UK.

In 2015, UDoTest™ was awarded a South African 702 small business award, and in the same year was placed in the top 5 of a global cervical cancer competition in the Silicon Valley, called The Quest Awards.  2016 saw UDoTest™ being chosen by Discovery Health in the first ever Discovery Entrepreneurs Medical Technology Programme which took place in the Silicon Valley yet again. Continuing on the prosperous journey of achievements, 2017 commenced with UDoTest™ being accepted into the Silicon Valley Healthcare incubator, called Launchpad Digital Health, and was awarded a Frost and Sullivan award for Innovation, Quality and Price of the self-sample testing products and services.

Contribution to eHealth in SA

All UDoTest products and services are:

  • made to be used in a place of convenience such as home
  • confidential and private
  • easy to do
  • cheaper than a doctor’s consult
  • The UDoHPVTest™ is for women over the age of 25 to test themselves for Human Papilloma Virus or HPV, which is the virus that can cause Cervical Cancer.
  • The UDoSTDTest™ is for both men and women over the age of 18. This unique urine-based STD test provides accurate results for gonorrhea and chlamydia as well as an upgrade full 8 Panel STD test.
  • The UDoColonTest is 98,8% specific and 87,5% sensitive in detecting cancerous risks. It is a non-invasive test that is not a stool sample. Using a faecal water sample, the UDoColonTest™ detects blood in the lower intestine. The test requires no stool handling, no preparation and is cheaper than a colonoscopy.
  • The UDoGlutenTest is a simple saliva swab test that is unique as it is a genetic test. It does not screen for the antibodies associated with intolerance, but rather screens the genes to ascertain the likelihood of developing this condition in a lifetime.

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