US-based startup, TreatMD, has officially launched the Beta version of its international on-demand healthcare platform to facilitate interactive telemedicine consultations between patients and providers.

TreatMD was founded in 2014 by healthcare serial entrepreneurs and enthusiasts with a vision of changing how telemedicine is conducted, collaborated and presented.

“We initially had a goal to “Open Up” this industry and bring telemedicine to households on an international scale. We had a vision to create the ability for a patient to connect to a provider or facility anywhere around the world and vice versa,” said the organisation.

Through the launch of, TreatMD aims to empower providers and patients globally to interact and conduct telemedicine services.

The map-based real-time platform also offers management of office visits, in-home visits and mHealth remote monitoring services.

“We looked at many office scheduling companies, house visits, and all these new telehealth companies stirring up the past couple years, and we just wanted to build something special and provide a new patient and provider presentation for it all,” said TreatMD Co-founder, Bryan Lenett.

“We think we have created the most comprehensive and interactive marketplace for telemedicine on a global scale,” continued Lenett.

According to the organisation, TreatMD eliminates many barriers that providers as well as patients face today. “Telemedicine companies today contract with providers and offer provider services to the public at set rates, for example at $50 a consultation. TreatMD feels those models are not proactive for the future and growth of Telemedicine.”

On TreatMD, any provider in any location can register, set their own consultation rates, their own schedules, and start conducting telemedicine in minutes to the public.

TreatMD also offers a freemium provider signup to allow a provider to start conducting telemedicine at no risk.

Furthermore, any patient around the world can search for providers on TreatMD and engage with a provider seamlessly. A patient can type in their location, or even search internationally for providers specialising in specific diseases or conditions.

A patient can also read reviews on a provider and search providers by criteria such as price ranges of consultations or specialties.

The TreatMD platform is available in over 30 languages and, to date, more than 500 providers have been registered across the US and in 22 other countries.

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