Toshiba’s new eHealth device, Silmee (Smart Intelligent Monitor Engine & Ecosystem), is an intelligent sensor that is helping Japanese health researchers and institutions understand patient’s sleeping problems.

Currently only available in Japan, the device is still pending approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a medical device.

The waterproof device measures in at 64 X 28mm and 9.6mm thick, and is designed to be worn attached to the skin so as to maintain contact while the patient moves or sleeps.

The device boasts four sensors: an ECG to record the user’s heartbeat, another which measures the skin temperature, a third that records the pulse rate by shining a light into the skin to detect blood movement, and a fourth that acts a motion sensor.

Data that is recorded by Silmee is sent via Bluetooth to an Android app which, along with the patient’s posture and position that is determined from the motion sensor, makes it possible to determine whether a person is nervous or relaxed as they sleep.

Toshiba also recently introduced their consumer wearable activity monitor to Japan. In addition to tracking steps and calories burned, the wearable also measures how much sleep the user gets. The wearable is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and has a LED display that changes colour to indicate how close the user is to obtaining their daily activity goals.

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