The Open Medicine Project (TOMPSA) consists of a group of passionate healthcare workers, mobile technology designers and developers working together on projects to tackle specific health system problems, with the aim of co-creating innovative applications that improve patient care. The development process is one of “open innovation”.

TOMPSA actively seeks engagement with other experts in healthcare and technology to create high impact solutions that change the system. Participatory Design sessions are undertaken with health workers to map out information needs, and partnerships are formed between academic bodies to channel to collate and disseminate critical information and create support tools.

Where Implemented

TOMPSA’s technology is being used globally; their Emergency Medicine Guidance App is currently being used in 163 countries and their Mobile Triage App is currently being used in 43 countries.

Contribution to eHealth in SA

Through TOMPSA, important medical information is made freely and easily accessible to doctors, nurses, paramedics and all other health workers at the point of care. TOMPSA also welcomes linkages with other IT systems to share vital content through websites and apps, using open-source APIs.

TOMPSA’s innovative mobile projects include an Emergency Medicine Guidance App, Mobile Triage App, Doctors Without Borders Guidance App, HIV Clinical Guides App, GeneXpert Support App and Mediphrases App.

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