Dr Gary Sudwarts and Dr Maja Wojno from the Fibroids Treatment Clinic will be hosting a free seminar under the banner of the White Dress Project to help improve the lives of women living with fibroids – uterine growths that cause excessive bleeding, pain and fertility issues.

The free event will take place at the Netcare N1 City Hospital on Monday 19th November 2018 and guests are invited to wear their favourite white dress, and bring their partners along too.

For those living with fibroids, wearing a white dress is almost unthinkable, as the chances of an embarrassing ‘accident’ are high. But, thanks to a revolutionary and minimally invasive microsurgical procedure called, Uterine Fibroid Embolisation (UFE), the ability to wear a white dress without fear, is now a reality.

The White Dress Project was launched in Cape Town and Johannesburg in September 2017, when Dr Sudwarts and his colleagues from the Fibroid Treatment Clinic partnered with the US-based non-profit organisation. Dr Sudwarts was on the lookout for a campaign that could help raise awareness around UFE as a first line alternative to ‘putting up with the pain, embarrassing moments and outright exhaustion (due to associated anaemia from chronic blood loss)’ or major surgery such as hysterectomy. He found it in the White Dress Project and over the past year, he and Dr Wojno have educated and empowered countless women and their partners – interestingly 50% of the Fibroid Clinic’s website traffic comes from men trying to understand or help their partners.

UFE is a permanent solution for fibroids. Performed by interventional radiologists,  patients spend only one night in hospital, have no stitches, get to keep their uterus, have rapid recovery rates and it is all covered by medical aid.

“Since launching the White Dress Project in South Africa, we have had extremely positive responses from across the country,” said Dr Sudwarts.

“To date we have partnered with treatment facilities in Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, East London and Cape Town central, but with a growing number of women contacting us from the Northern suburbs of the Mother city, we felt it only appropriate to bring our service to them – hence our partnership with the Netcare N1 City Hospital,” continued Dr Sudwarts.

Although there have been over 100,000 procedures performed worldwide to date, the procedure is still relatively new in South Africa. Consequently, Dr Sudwarts and Dr Wojno will be hosting a number of educational seminars aimed at both doctors and patients alike about different treatment options.

To book your place at the seminar, email: info@fibroids.co.za or call: 011 484 0135 or 021 434 0180.

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