TrustaTag eHealthNews

TrustaTAG – Supplier Profile

TrustaTAG is a product of TrustaTAG Systems and forms a patented system that provides unique 2D barcodes/TAGs printed on packs, cartons, strip packs etc. which enable consumers to use their […]

UC-Wireless eHealthNews

UC-Wireless – Supplier Profile

UC-Wireless specialises in the distribution of integrated wireless communication systems with a complete offering for the healthcare vertical. UC-Wireless solutions are certified integrations of middleware, wireless phones and communication consoles […]

UDoTest eHealthNews

UDoTest – Supplier Profile

Founded in 2013, UDoTest™ is a young and innovative team of professionals who care about health and in particular the growing prevalence of infections and cancer around the world. This […]

Vitls eHealthNews

Vitls – Supplier Profile

Vitls is a medtech start-up founded by local entrepreneur, Werner Vorster and his wife, Louise after their son suffered a febrile seizure. The ground-breaking platform enables healthcare providers to continuously […]

Vula eHealthNews

Vula Mobile – Supplier Profile

The Vula Mobile Health app aims to change the way that primary health workers access information, carry out risk assessments, connect with specialists and make referrals. Where implemented Vula was […]

A-Z of Medicines eHealthNews

A-Z of Medicines – Supplier Profile

A-Z of Medicines provides intelligent, integrated, individualised medicines information solutions for variable platforms from a fully normalised database. They believe that a medicine is only as good as the information […]

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