Samsung‘s innovative platform, called Simband, has been designed especially for developers and medical researchers to improve their own eHealth wearables, devices and data processing algorithms.

Simband is based on Samsung’s Gear S Smartwatch design and contains various sensors to measure a user’s vital diagnostic data. Developers will be able to use the sensors to ensure that they are accurately collecting usable data that can help improve their devices.

The sensors on Simband include an accelerometer, gyroscope, ECG, galvanic skin response sensor, multiple optical sensors to measure pulse/heart rate and a skin surface thermometer. Developers will also be able to add their own proprietary sensors as required. All the data collected can be transferred wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0.

Simband is part of the Samsung Digital Health Initiative to leverage an array of hardware and software technologies designed to bring developers, healthcare professionals, academics and health enthusiasts together to “create a healthier world.” Simband is essentially part of Samsung’s broader shift to move its wearables from fitness tracking to health monitoring to enable preventive healthcare and wellness.

Samsung will start shipping out Simband to wearable developers in February 2015.

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