Samsung has partnered up with the American Cancer Society (ACS) and software startup, Breezie, to conduct a pilot programme which offers personalised solutions for breast cancer patients at the Athens Medical Centre’s Breast Health Centre, Georgia, US.

To increase access to personalised care, patients there will be given Samsung Galaxy tablets with customised content from the ACS, which they can use to find news on the latest therapies and medical advances, and communicate with their care team and an online support group.

The programme, called MyJourney Compass, will run on a Samsung Galaxy Tab device, using a Breezie interface supported by Samsung’s KNOX security platform. KNOX protects data on the device hardware all the way through the application level, ensuring that all patient data is protected with industry leading security.

“Our collaboration with Breezie and the ACS reflects our commitment of bringing together innovative products and solutions that best address the needs of patients, providers and their caregivers,” said Samsung Chief Medical Officer and Head of Healthcare and Fitness, Dr David Rhew.

“The ACS is excited to collaborate with Samsung and Breezie to improve the quality of life of breast cancer patients by providing easy access to educational tools and resources as they transition from diagnosis to treatment and through recovery,” said ACS Senior Vice President, Cancer Control Programs and Services, Chuck Westbrook.

In addition, patients will also have access to all apps available through the Android store using the Breezie interface

“Samsung is committed to leveraging its intuitive and leading technology to better connect patients and their providers and improve the care experience, which is especially important when facing a cancer diagnosis,” concluded Dr Rhew.

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