mHealth training tool, the Safe Delivery App has officially launched in Ghana in order to help save the lives of mothers and new-born babies during pregnancy and childbirth.

Every year, around 300,000 women and 5 million new-borns die of causes related to childbirth. In Ghana alone 30,000 infants lose their lives every year due to complications related to birth or pregnancies.

“There is not always a trained midwife in the village and maybe not even a nurse. Therefore you send the women on, because people are not able to handle the birth locally, but sending a pregnant woman, who is bleeding, to a hospital hours away, is almost the same as sending a woman to death. With this birth app you can just avoid sending the women on,” said CEO of Maternity Foundation, Anna Cecilia Frellsen, during the app’s launch.

The Safe Delivery App, which was developed by Maternity Foundation, Copenhagen University and University of Southern Denmark, is based on international guidelines from the WHO and contains simple animated videos available in English or French instructing health workers on how to handle some of the most common issues connected to pregnancies and births.

To date the app has been downloaded more than 26,000 times in 40 different countries across Africa and Asia.

Currently the app contains 10 animated clinical instruction videos on post abortion care; hypertension; active management of third stage of labour; prolonged labour; post-partum haemorrhage;  manual removal of placenta; maternal sepsis; neonatal resuscitation; newborn management and infection prevention.

The Safe Delivery App also features push messages with quiz questions aimed at encouraging health workers to use the app to revise their knowledge. The health worker or midwife can also use the app to easily access drug and practical procedure lists. The app also contains Action Cards to be used when there is not enough time to watch the videos.

The free app, which is available for both Apple and Android devices, has offline functionality allowing it to be used in rural areas where connectivity is unstable. New content is downloaded whenever the smartphone connects to the internet.

The Maternity Foundation is also supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, who provides support for the implementation and scale-up of the app, the Obelske Familiefond Family Fund and the Kavli Foundation.

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