RecoMed has successfully incorporated their healthcare online booking platform into Discovery’s in-house Wellness Clinics programme, enabling patients to quickly book appointments online with a diverse group of healthcare providers.

RecoMed enables patients to find their closest doctor at any hour of the day or night – including approved service providers contracted by their medical aid – and to book the next available appointment. According to the tech company, the system reduces practice costs and enhances a customer-centric care policy, as patients are at liberty to recommend their medic to the general population and comment on their experience.

RecoMed’s collaboration with Discovery began in February 2017 and was officially launched a few months later in July after ensuring that RecoMed passed Discovery’s strict IT security approval procedures.

According to RecoMed Founder, Sheraan Amod, RecoMed is now handling 1,500 bookings a month for Discovery using nine practitioners at five different clinics in Port Elizabeth, Durban, Cape Town, Pretoria and Johannesburg.

“There are around 10,000 staff members using this platform now, and it has gone without a hitch, which makes me very proud of what we have created,” said Amod.

“The team from Discovery Wellness was highly competent and execution-focused. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working with like-minded people. This was a big contributing factor to our being able to deliver a complex project like this on time,” continued Amod.

According to Discovery Project Manager, Ishmael Maswanganyi, since the programme’s inception there has been a drastic reduction of telephonic bookings.

“The receptionist makes fewer than 10 telephonic bookings per month since implementing RecoMed. It’s user-friendly and easy to navigate, as well as stable,” said Maswanganyi.

RecoMed has grown to become the leading industry solution, adopted by the likes of Clicks, Discovery and Medicross, amongst others like BASA.

Corporate employers who need to co-ordinate wellness screening days and insurance medicals can also benefit from the system, as well as large scale healthcare solutions requiring chronic disease management programmes. The platform facilitates the interaction for the patients of these programmes with the insurance brokers and call centres who manage them, enabling them to get instant bookings with whoever is approved.

RecoMed generates revenue by charging medical practitioners a transactional booking fee, and in some cases a value-added percentage on the appointment value. New patients comprise 20 – 50% of bookings that doctors receive from RecoMed, depending on their specialisation and level of engagement on the platform.

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