Professional Provider Organisation Services (PPO Serve) aims to drive a shift in private healthcare from a fragmented, fee-for-service care model to a value-based model driven by integrated collaborative care teams by creating Integrated Clinical Consortia™ (ICC).

PPO Serve is built on a number of reform principles similar to that in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) aka Obamacare, one of which is a new service delivery model called the Accountable Care Organisation (ACO). PPO Serve is bringing the ACO to South Africa through a customised approach that is suitable for the local context.

Where Implemented

PPO Serve was founded in 2015 by Dr Brian Ruff and Riedwaan Jabaar.

The ICCs are based on patient-centric, multidisciplinary teamwork and Health IT enabled area-wide collaboration, and are governed and owned by the working clinicians. They service local Medical Scheme populations within ‘shared value’ contracts. The result is a ‘value creating’ system rather than the current destructive, fragmenting individual competition. Instead clinicians collaborate in teams to deliver integrated, community based patient care in a complete local system.

Contribution to eHealth in SA

PPO Serve is the ‘shared service’ hub that initiates and technically supports the consortia with a robust management structure and sophisticated Health IT that enables the delivery of quality care to local populations.

The ICCTM work is patient centric with individual patient care plan. They have numerous condition-specific care plans formulated from evidence-based medicine, from reputable international organisations, often State institutions. PPO Serve has built an Intelligent Care System (an IT system) that rationalises these into patient centric complete care plans with no duplicates or gaps. This then effectively becomes the work-flow for the care team which suggests interventions and frequency of treatment.

PPO Serve’s Toolkit contains standard processes, tools and templates to make it easy to set up an ICC™. The ICC™ is also built with the doctor team and customised to the population need in the particular area.

PPO Serve is currently running a patient care coordination project in Alberton with a multi-disciplinary team, which includes consulting specialists and some large GP practices with a sizable patient population, supported by Discovery.

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