US-based online physician network developer, Doximity, has developed the first physician-facing communications app for Apple Watch.

The app will be available on 24 April, the same day that Apple Watch is due to be released.

The Apple Watch app will enable doctors to send and receive HIPAA-compliant messages, receive notifications of incoming faxes and review invitations to connect with other doctors on the Doximity network.

The app will also enable quick conversion to other iOS devices for image review and more detailed responses and, through Handoff, handle fax messages on the iPhone.

“I can’t imagine a more important reason to get information instantly than when it relates to your patient’s health,” said Doximity’s Co-founder, Nate Gross. “Apple Watch’s impact on patient care could be tremendous, and it can save physicians precious time in a critical setting.”

While many people are excited for the release of Apple Watch, those in the healthcare industry are disappointed by the lack of eHealth apps designed for Apple Watch due to the issues encountered by designers while trying to develop biometric and vital signs sensors that could accurately track physiological data from the wrist.

However, there have been a few notable eHealth apps developed for the consumer that eHealthNews has reported on, such as the Diabetic app developed by DexCom that will allow diabetic users to monitor their glucose levels and, most recently, Cerner’s HealtheLife app that will make it easier for users to track and manage their health.

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