Royal Philips is further strengthening its connected health service offering by partnering with Validic, a US-based digital health platform that connects healthcare organisations to data generated by consumer and clinical health technologies.

Validic’s platform, which reaches approximately 223 million people in 47 countries, is already being used by a range of leading eHealth organisations, such as InterSystems, MEDITECH and Cerner, to integrate personal health data from third-party devices and apps into their solutions.

The new partnership with Validic provides Philips with opportunities to expand the functionalities of its connected health solutions, such as its Personal Health ProgrammesLifeline medical alert services and eCareCoordinator and eCareCompanion eHealth applications with third-party device data.

These connected health solutions and services have been designed to facilitate coordinated care across the health continuum from healthy living and prevention to diagnosis, treatment and home care. They have been built on Philips’ HealthSuite digital platform, an open cloud-based platform of services, capabilities and tools that allows for the creation of the next generation of connected health and wellness innovations.

“Being able to deliver the best care requires that healthcare providers have a comprehensive view of each patient’s health condition,” said CEO at Connected Care and Health Informatics, Philips, Jeroen Tas.

“Increasingly, healthcare is moving beyond the walls of the hospital, enabled by connected devices to monitor both health and care. We can now take a next step by securely combining the data generated by someone’s glucose meter and fitness tracker with their clinical data, so that caregivers can discover relevant and actionable insights for new models of personalised health management of their patients. Our collaboration with Validic helps to accelerate this step.”

The Philips HealthSuite digital platform enables connected health services by utilising smart devices and mobile apps to help people make more confident health and lifestyle-related decisions. Through its integration capabilities with electronic medical records (EMRs) and other clinical data sources it also supports health systems in the delivery of care coordination solutions.

Patients and their care providers are given actionable and longitudinal insight through the combination of clinical and personal health data. The collaboration with Validic will further augment the integration of consumer-generated personal health data from multivendor fitness wearables, remote monitoring devices and health apps, as well as medical devices like blood pressure cuffs, health patches and glucose meters, into existing and new connected health services.

“With a strong presence in both professional healthcare and consumer health spaces, Philips understands the global impact of people better managing and engaging with their health. They also recognise the industry need for making this remotely collected health data actionable for care providers,” said CEO and Co-founder of Validic, Ryan Beckland.

“Philips and Validic share a similar vision on connected health and recognise the importance of leveraging digital health data collected outside of the clinical setting to improve the quality of care and patient outcomes,” concluded Beckland.

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