Philips recently launched a suite of medical-grade monitoring devices and a digital health app that will help consumers to take greater control of their health and prevent the development of chronic disease.

These devices are designed to help measure, analyse and track health data for patients at risk for chronic lifestyle-related conditions, who can use the information to make more informed healthcare decisions.

Philips says personal health programmes were developed in conjunction with leading medical experts and psychologists and are designed to provide personal, tailored support to people taking steps towards healthier habits.

Each programme comprises connected health measurement devices and an app-based personalised programme.

“We combine deep clinical know-how and rich data, consumer insights and advanced technology to craft solutions which help individuals along the whole of their health journey. Our personal health programmes have been developed in conjunction with leading doctors, psychologists and other experts,” said Business Leader, Personal Health Solutions at Philips, Jorgen Behrens.

“They will allow individuals to accurately measure vital signs to understand how lifestyle choices affect their body; set goals and monitor their progress, and stay motivated,” continued Behrens.

The health monitoring devices include a health watch, connected scale, blood pressure monitor and thermometer, which are connected to Philips’ cloud-based digital platform, HealthSuite, through a specially designed app.

The health watch tracks multiple biometrics, including heart rate, activity levels and sleep patterns.  An upper arm and wrist blood pressure monitor measure both systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and heart rate. While the connected scale tracks weight and calculates BMI and the ear thermometer can take and record accurate readings in less than two seconds.

“Our personal health programmes are different because they’re built to motivate the user, showing that small steps can lead to big results,” said Behaviour Change Expert at Philips, Dr Mark Aloia.

“Changes don’t need to be radical. In fact, small changes sustained over time are a good way to help us reach our health goals. Measuring and tracking helps us take the small steps needed to improve our lifestyle,” concluded Dr Aloia.

The Philips HealthSuite Health App is free and available on iOS and Android. The health devices can be purchased directly from Philips’ website or via Amazon.

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