Philips, in partnership with Radboud University Medical Center, have announced the release of a new wearable diagnostic device that will record biometric data of people suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and then push that data to a cloud-based HealthSuite Digital Platform using the patient’s personal mobile device.

Using an existing sensor called the HealthPatch, the cloud-based service will allow both patients and doctors an unprecedented level of access to real-time health data.

When a COPD patient has left the hospital, the wearable diagnostic device will collect data around the clock, including physical activity/inactivity, respiratory indicator, heart rhythm and heart rate variability. That data will then be sent via the cloud to the HealthSuite Digital Platform, where it will be shared with the appropriate care providers via the eCareCoordinator application, presenting a more complete view of the patient’s illness.

Globally, COPD is now the fourth leading cause of death, and by 2025 it is predicted to become the third and will surpass HIV/AIDS in Africa. Management of COPD is challenging and often costly, and leads to a high number of patients requiring complicated therapies and frequent hospital readmissions.

“Unlike other wearable solutions recently introduced to the market, this prototype collects more than just wellness data from otherwise healthy people,” said CEO, Healthcare Informatics Solutions and Services at Philips, Jeroen Tas. “We are demonstrating the power of harnessing both clinical and personal health information to better manage chronic disease patients across the health continuum, from healthy living, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, recovery and home care.”

Philips recently restructured its business operations, splitting off its lighting division and merging the consumer electronics and healthcare divisions into a new company. Philips already has a deep reach into the global healthcare market.

The announcement of the COPD sensor and data hub indicates what this newly formed Philips may have in store for the future.

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