Former Western Cape (WC) Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport, Nomafrench Mbombo, has officially been appointed by the provincial cabinet as the new Provincial Minister of Health.

Former WC Minister of Health, Theuns Botha, who successfully held the position for the past five years, has taken over as Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport.

Minister Botha revealed in a statement that there was nothing sinister about the cabinet reshuffle, and that it had nothing to do with “Afrikaners, Afrikaanses or former NAT / DP composition’ of the DA.”

“The fact is that I have been troubled with personal health issues recently which will unfortunately require me to be on sick leave for a period of at least two months as from the beginning of February. For this reason I accepted Premier Helen Zille’s offer to be shifted to the portfolio of Cultural Affairs and Sport,” said Minister Botha.

Minister Botha added that he believes the portfolio will be less demanding and that the Mass Participation and Development (MOD) after school programme will be one of his main focusses. “The MOD Centre programme is one of the provincial government’s flagship programmes. It is of utmost importance to our government when it comes to addressing the many problems facing our youth including gangsterism, teenage pregnancies, drug abuse and keeping them off the streets and constructively occupied during after school hours.”

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