Elekta, a Swedish organisation that develops radiation therapy equipment, is collaborating with IBM Watson Health to offer Watson for Oncology with Elekta’s cancer care solutions.

Under the terms of a new agreement, Elekta will sell Watson for Oncology as a clinical decision support solution paired within Elekta’s digital cancer care solutions, including the MOSAIQ® Oncology Information System. Elekta intends to offer both solutions in most markets around the world.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), cancer is responsible for one in six deaths around the world, and each year there are more than 14 million new cancer cases worldwide.

As healthcare providers and systems seek to enable data-driven, evidence-based cancer care, an explosion of medical information has created both challenges and opportunities to help improve quality of care.

Currently, approximately 50,000 oncology research papers are published annually, and by 2020 medical information is projected to double every 73 days, outpacing the ability of humans to keep up with the proliferation of medical knowledge.

“Joining forces with IBM Watson Health positions Elekta as the first radiation therapy company to offer capabilities that combine conventional health information systems with artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive cloud computing,” said CEO of Elekta, Richard Hausmann.

“Our goal is to bring cutting edge AI technology to the cancer care continuum, including treatment planning, enabling evidence-based treatment recommendations for every patient regardless of where they are treated. We are excited to be working with IBM Watson Health to achieve this shared vision,” continued Hausmann.

Watson for Oncology was developed by IBM in collaboration with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) in New York. It can summarise key medical attributes of a patient, and provide information to oncologists to help them deliver treatment options based on training from MSK oncologists.

Watson for Oncology ranks the treatment options, linking to peer reviewed studies that have been curated by MSK. Watson for Oncology also provides a large corpus of medical literature for a physician to consider, drawing on more than 300 medical journals, more than 200 textbooks, and nearly 15 million pages of text to provide insights about different treatment options.

“Oncologists around the world rely on MOSAIQ to support the treatment pathway, and we are eager to extend Watson for Oncology to more physicians and patients globally through Elekta’s sophisticated digital oncology solutions,” said Vice President of Oncology and Life Sciences, IBM Watson Health, Lisa Rometty.

“We are proud to bring the evidence based clinical decision support of Watson for Oncology together with Elekta’s extensive expertise in the oncology EHR and radiation therapy field,” concluded Rometty.

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