The Government’s National Development Plan (NDP) has identified implementation of an eHealth national health system as an important element in completely reforming the South African health system.

The National Development Plan 2013: Our future – make it work was launched in February 2013 with the objective of eliminating poverty and reducing inequality in South Africa by 2030. Improving the quality of public services, including healthcare and the application of information technology, is seen as critical to achieving transformation.npc_580_wide

Chapter 10 of the NDP, Promoting Health, states that it’s the government’s top health related priority to provide affordable and quality healthcare for all. This will be provided through a National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme that is set to be phased in, with a special focus on upgrading public health facilities and systems, producing more health professionals, reducing the relative cost of private health care, improving governance and eliminating infrastructure backlogs.

Special focus was given to the implementation of a national health information system, which would ensure all parts of the system have the required information to effectively achieve their responsibilities in providing safe, secure and high quality patient-orientated care.

The NDP believes that NHI and the use of ICT will realise the health goals, indicators and action points towards the 2030 vision, which include increasing the average life expectancy to 70 years, progressively improving TB prevention and cure, reducing maternal, infant and child mortality, significantly reducing the prevalence of non-communicable chronic diseases, reducing injury, accidents and violence by 50% form 2010 levels, completing health systems reforms, ensuring primary healthcare teams provide care to families and communities, universal healthcare coverage and filling posts with skilled, committed and competent individuals.

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