The National Department of Health (NDoH) has issued a tender for an Integrated Line of Business System for the Office of Health Standards Compliance (OHSC).

The system will be responsible for standards development and refinement, data analysis, statistical analysis, business intelligence and the maintenance of knowledge repositories and other databases.

The system is intended to reduce manual operations and move away from paper use by utilising modern electronic systems. The system will also support registration of compliant health establishments by maintaining electronic registers and historical data.

The system functionalities will cater for the Complaints Investigation Unit, Compliance Inspection Unit, Certification and Enforcement Unit, Health Standards design, Analysis and Support Unit and the Corporate Services Unit.

A number of the functions to be carried out by the OHSC have already been operational within the NDoH. This has provided a good basis for determining system requirements from actual experience. In particular, a help-line has served for some years to receive and expedite resolution of complaints, while an Inspectorate has been established to set up and test inspection procedures.

Up until now these functions have been supported by in-house IT systems, which have some inherent limitations and run on infrastructure shared with the NDoH. The tender therefore seeks to identify suitable systems for the independent entity.

The OHSC protects and promotes the health and safety of users of public and private healthcare services by monitoring compliance by health establishments with norms and standards. The OHSC also ensures consideration, investigation and disposal of complaints related to non-compliance with prescribed norms and standards.

The OHSC requires a turnkey solution, incorporating hardware, software (including development), implementation and training, as well as support and maintenance.

The OHSC will operate in a dynamic environment, particularly as it is a key enabler of National Health Insurance (NHI). Therefore, the system will require analysis and Business Intelligence capabilities to develop and modify norms, standards and operational procedures.

The system must support the complaints-handling process electronically, from complaints registration to escalation, to closure, utilising call centre and workflow technology. It’s also essential for the system to comply with all existing standards for Government IT systems, as interfacing will be necessary. The system must also support the ability to store information when not connected to the Internet and automatically synchronise when connected.

The system is envisioned to be web-based and accessible from remote locations. Public access will also be allowed via several different means of communication, such as a portal, social media (wikis, blogs), menu driven cellphone assessment tools and call back functionalities.

The closing date for tender applications is July 28th 2014.

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