Nairobi-based eHealth platform, MYDAWA, is enabling the healthcare consumers of Kenya to purchase authentic medicines and health and wellness products online.

The platform, which was launched in March 2017, has already attracted over 30,000 registered users as of December 2017.

Available as a smartphone app or a web-based platform, consumers can use MYDAWA to purchase healthcare products as well as order prescription medicine. This is done by attaching a photo or a scan of their prescription to the app to be verified by one of MYDAWA’s pharmacists. After checkout, the consumer can choose their preferred collection point. This is followed by an SMS or email notification confirming their order, location and delivery time.

Users can also verify the authenticity of the healthcare products through the platform.

“MYDAWA is proud to be a formidable force in disrupting Kenya’s healthcare industry through innovation. The company is anchored on privacy, convenience and guaranteed quality as part of its promise to service delivery,” said MYDAWA Managing Director, Tony Wood.

According to Wood, the growing popularity of the MYDAWA platform is due to the increased transparency, convenience and affordability it provides. Products sold on the platform are reportedly 40% below the market price, whilst third party products are sold 20% cheaper.

Wood also added that MYDAWA ensures better pharmacovigilance as it tackles the issue of counterfeit drugs/products in the market because the entire supply chain process is tracked.

MYDAWA is the latest example of how an African home-grown solution is disrupting the healthcare industry to become more efficient, more cost effective and increasing the accessibility to healthcare. Such internet-enabled technology also empowers the consumer by helping them become more informed about different healthcare products.

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