During the 2015 SA 7th AIDS Conference, Minister of Health, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, launched the Metropolitan Health HIV Clinical Guidelines App as part of a national campaign to scale up HIV treatment.

“Metropolitan Health is very proud to partner with government to assist with the scale up of ARV’s and ensuring quality care through this HIV clinical mobile application,” said Executive Manager of HIV: Metropolitan Health Risk Management, Siraaj Adams.

The app, which was developed in conjunction with The Open Medical Project South Africa (TOMPSA), serves as a comprehensive HIV treatment guideline for all levels of healthcare professionals. “The app is a convenient, portable clinical decision support reference that includes the latest clinical content that is updated in real-time,” said Adams. “The app enables more accurate dosage calculations, reduces drug interaction and improves pathology interpretation and interventions.”

The new campaign aims to roll out the app to healthcare professionals across the country, specifically those in rural areas. “The app has offline functionality so it will be useful in rural areas with inadequate connectivity,” said Adams.

According to Adams, to promote the app Metropolitan Health plans to send out bulk SMS’ and emails to the public sector healthcare workers contained on a database provided by the NDoH. Metropolitan Health will use their own database for contacting private sector healthcare providers.

“We have also produced free posters which we’ll be sending to HIV/AIDS, STI, TB (HAST) managers to distribute,” said Adams. “In addition, the HIV Clinician’s Society will also be encouraging all their delegates to download the app. We plan to share the link with DENOSA, SAMA and RUDASA to ensure proper penetration in the public sector.”

Metropolitan Health will provide training through a video via an e-learning platform, and the app also has a feedback and queries function for healthcare workers who have direct questions.

“This initiative is a sustainable public-private partnership (PPP) because Metropolitan Health will continue to maintain and update the app and also continuously develop new and useful tools to target other diseases in the future,” concluded Adams.

The Metropolitan Health HIV Clinical Guidelines App is available for both Android and iOS platforms and is free to download.

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