Mobenzi has partnered with the Anova Health Institute to support the Limpopo Department of Health (DoH) with the deployment of the Mobenzi mHealth technology to streamline and strengthen the primary healthcare (PHC) re-engineering programme.

The Mobenzi platforms are being used to support Ward-based Outreach Teams (WBOTs) which are composed of community health workers (CHWs) that focus on prevention initiatives, referrals, health promotion and surveillance.

Following a first phase roll-out in late 2013, according to Mobenzi the deployment has now scaled to over 200 CHWs who now use low-cost mobile phones instead of paper to schedule and capture visits, track and refer clients and record community activities.

The Mobenzi platform also allows supervisors to monitor their teams in real-time, review automated exceptions and comply with data reporting requirements. Mobile devices deployed to local clinics ensure that referrals can be electronically transmitted and outcomes communicated back to CHWs for follow up.

According to Mobenzi, their gateway forms the foundation of the mobile interface for all users, coordinating the apps, services and content needed. Users also have access to interactive training material customised to their role and tools – such as a calculator to estimate pregnant woman’s expected deliver date – visit plans, performance tracking and shared contacts.

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