A software development kit (SDK) has been released for the Microsoft Band fitness wearable that will allow third party developers to build eHealth apps for the gadget.

Microsoft Band is the first wellness wearable device powered by Microsoft Health that will allow users to track their heart rate, steps, calorie burn and sleep quality, as well as check email previews and calendar alerts.

The Microsoft Band SDK Preview allows developers to communicate to and from the Microsoft Band through access to the sensors available on the wearable. The SDK also provides the ability to create and send notifications to tiles on the Microsoft Band for developer applications.

Third party apps will be able to send user interface (UI) content to the Band with the objective of keeping users engaged when they’re in motion. Apps will also be able to receive data directly from the band sensors, enabling more user interaction, customisation and personalisation.

The application logic runs on the host operating system, including iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, and will remotely control the UI of the Microsoft Band as well as receive contextual information and sensor data from the Band.

Along with the SDK, Microsoft also launched a Health Web Dashboard that allows users to track and analyse the various exercise and sleep data collected by the band, as well as a fitness-tracking mode optimised for bike riding.

Microsoft Band is currently available in the US with no announcement yet regarding its release date in other regions.

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