IBM and eye-care provider, Bausch + Lomb, are teaming up to develop the first of its kind app for Apple products, which they hope will provide more insight for doctors performing cataract surgeries.

The app allows doctors to access patient data from an iPhone and iPad and store health-related data on the IBM Cloud.

Cataract surgeons will be able to access the information on digital display screens or walls in the operating room during surgery to facilitate procedures.

By compiling each cataract patient’s information in the app, including IOL calculations, corneal topography and other biometry results, as well as lifestyle preferences, clinicians will be able to develop a pre-surgical profile.

Historical surgical data and other patient insights can also be housed within the app to potentially support positive clinical outcomes for future cataract.

“By combining IBM’s advanced data management capabilities with Apple’s innovative app ecosystem and our clinical expertise, we are working to provide surgeons with a convenient, personalised tool that helps them better manage and access patient profiles digitally, and provide personalised IOL options,” said Senior Vice President and GM at Bausch + Lomb, Andy Chang.

The MobileFirst for iOS team, which is part of IBM Global Business Services, will design and develop this custom app. The goal is to optimise the app to collect data over time, resulting in a cognitive app that applies machine-based learning and predictive analytics to deliver real-time insights to surgeons.

“This new mobile solution has real potential to fundamentally change how our practice manages patient information throughout the cataract procedure, from planning through post-operative follow-up,” said Ophthalmologist at Claremont Eye Associates, Anil Shivaram, M.D.

Pilot testing of the new app is expected to begin in late 2016.

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