eHealthNews set out to make contact with all the South African political parties to procure their views and policies on implementing National Health Insurance (NHI) in South Africa – this is the Minority Front’s (MF) reply from Mrs S. Thakur Rajbansi, a member of the MF party and health portfolio committee: 

“I sit on the health portfolio committee and am a pharmacist by profession so I am passionate about equitable healthcare in South Africa. The MF supports NHI. The planning is complete; now activities have to follow with infrastructure, human capacity and technology adoption.

The NHI fund needs to attract benefactors apart from private sector commitment and government budgeting.

Pilot districts have to be successful before roll-out occurs.

Public and all stakeholders must guide implementation.

NHI will take another 30 years to fully operate because the tax base has to grow.”

The above statement clearly states the MF is for NHI, but believes that although the current implementation of NHI is underway, it’s now necessary to focus on adapting and improving the complementary sectors. MF’s view also implies that the implementation of NHI won’t happen overnight – rather over three decades due to necessary financing reliant on tax-based growth.

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