The world’s third largest medical device company, Medtronic, has partnered with Samsung Electronics to improve diabetes management through mHealth.

The partnership will combine the two organisations strengths to provide diabetics with a convenient platform to effectively manage their health from anywhere and at any time. The range of solutions is expected to allow users to remotely view their diabetes data to ultimately integrating mobile and wearable devices into diabetes management systems.

Samsung’s expertise of consumer mobile technology will be applied to deliver secure, convenient and discreet access to information within Medtronic’s integrated diabetes management systems. The platform will allow Diabetics to manage their disease more effectively by allowing them to monitor their blood sugar levels and interaction with their insulin pump.

“By addressing more of the social and emotional aspects of living with diabetes and improving lifestyle fit, we believe that more people worldwide will be able to experience better diabetes control that today’s advanced therapies provide,” said Vice President and General Manager of the Intensive Insulin Management business at Medtronic, Alejandro Galindo.

“Medtronic aims to transform diabetes by providing world-class integrated care, enabled by leading technologies, big data, and informatics. Our partnership with Samsung is a key step in providing convenient and discreet access to diabetes data, so together we can provide people with diabetes greater freedom and better health,” continued Galindo.

Chief Medical Officer and Head of Healthcare and Fitness for Samsung Electronics America, Dr David Rhew, noted: “Samsung is committed to applying its deep understanding of how people use technology to bring new innovations to healthcare. Patients are seeking better ways not only to monitor their condition, but also to enjoy a greater quality of life. We are excited to partner with Medtronic to develop diabetes management solutions that produce positive change and greater autonomy for people living with diabetes.”

The partnership’s first project is focusing on the development of mHealth apps to deliver more discreet and convenient access to personal diabetes data and the viewing of insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) information.

The app will work with Medtronic’s MiniMed Connect product, which provides easy access to important diabetes information for diabetics as well as remote alerts for their loved ones. MiniMed Connect also provides healthcare providers with more frequent and convenient access to their patients’ insulin pump and CGM via mobile connectivity, allowing them adjust care plans as necessary.

The app is expected to be available in the US in late 2015 with plans for a global release.

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