Three young Ghanaians have developed an app, called MedRX, which allows patients to find pharmacies that stock the medicine they need.

Similar to other African countries, pharmacies in Ghana often experience stock-outs of medicine before a new supply can arrive. As a result, patients have to resort to visiting numerous pharmacies before they can find the medication they need.

Founder of MedRX, Hayford Brako, developed the idea for the MedRX app while working part time as a pharmacist in 2015 while he was completing his training at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science (KNUST). He noticed patients trying to locate urgent medicine and not being able to find them, thus having to go to a different pharmacy.

“I just felt like I couldn’t work as a pharmacist with this problem being so glaring and persistent so I had an idea to do something about it and decided to change how pharmacies operate and people buy medicine,” said Brako.

With support from his co-founders, software engineer, Yannick Kabu Bosomprah, and Victoria Acheampong, MedRX developed into an interactive health platform that enables patients to search for the medicines they require and get connected to pharmacists who can inform them of the current stock.

The app also allows the users to take a picture of their script and send it to the pharmacy, organise the time and place to collect their medicine and select a payment method. Users can also ask any health related questions on the Med Forum and find nearby health centres or health professionals.

The MedRX team won the MTN-Jumia entrepreneurship challenge for the app when it was put to the test at the competition held in Cape Town in May 2016.  Since then the app has been introduced to the Ghanaian market and has been accepted by the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana.

MedRX is currently available for free for both iOS and Android devices.

“The implementation of our platform will give us the opportunity to be more effective in our county and create positive change, we truly hope that this is the beginning of a very bright future for us,” concluded Brako.

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