Israeli-American eHealth start-up, Medivizor, is out to help improve the lives of chronic patients by keeping them up to date with the latest personalised medical news and information.

Inventor and CEO of Medivizor, Tal Givoly, and med-tech serial entrepreneur, Dr Oren Fuerst, developed the Medivizor software with support from world-renowned urologist, Steven Kaplan, after they battled to find relevant and reliable medical information to help them better understand chronic conditions affecting their family members.

By creating a free account with Medivizor, patients can enter the type of information they are seeking and will then receive relevant material in their inbox. “Medivizor personalises health information. Sounds like that’s been done before but to the best of our knowledge it hasn’t,” said Givoly during an interview with ISRAEL21c. “We bring the cutting edge of science to people it matters most to, in a way they can understand and act upon.”

Medivizor is able to scan through thousands of medical papers to determine its clinical relevance to the patient. “There’s an enormous amount of new science published each year. Last year there was 9,362 research papers published on prostate cancer, 19,500 on breast cancer and 35,000 on diabetes. No doctor or researcher can read all that material,” said Givoly.

“Add to that hundreds or thousands of clinical trials that offer different ways to treat the same illnesses. We scan all the information, determine its clinical relevance, and then we translate it to something like Cliff Notes and share it with patients, caregivers and medical teams,” continued Givoly.

The site also offers details about clinical trials currently enrolling patients. “Right now there are over 1,400 interventional breast cancer clinical trials,” said Givoly. “These are options your doctor probably doesn’t know about, you certainly don’t know about, but Medivizor could help you know about.”

Medivizor has been recognised as a top mHealth solution since it won four contests last year, including the mHealth Israel conference in December 2014. “This is a major milestone for us, as the conference’s platform enables us to share ideas with other healthcare entrepreneurs, potential investors and industry giants,” said Givoly.

According to Givoly, doctors, clinics and medical institutions are now encouraging their patients to use Medivizor as a source of personalised health information.

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