MEDITECH, a software and service company selling information systems for healthcare organisations, has announced the launch of a new app development environment, called MEDITECH Greenfield.

Supported by RESTful APIs, including Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), Greenfield is an open space for MEDITECH customers and third-party developers to develop and test apps that can integrate with the MEDITECH Expanse electronic health record (EHR).

“In today’s healthcare paradigm, EHRs are not only judged on their inherent functionality, but also for how well they connect with other systems,” said MEDITECH President and CEO, Howard Messing.

“Greenfield is a natural extension of our open web environment, and represents another important step in MEDITECH’s commitment to driving interoperability and innovation forward,” continued Messing.

According to MEDITECH, through Greenfield developers have the ability to execute the APIs and test their applications against a real MEDITECH EHR. It also gives customers and application developers access to interactive documentation for the APIs published by MEDITECH.

In addition to providing access to MEDITECH’s API sandbox, Greenfield includes an online forum and technical support from MEDITECH developers. Greenfield will also feature a list of approved apps that integrate with MEDITECH and enhance EHR value.

“Standards-based APIs are game changers for interoperable healthcare. By giving healthcare providers, patients and consumers direct access to specific data points through convenient apps, they will get to see and use information in ways they never could before,” said MEDITECH.

“Apps give healthcare providers more freedom and flexibility to work the way they want to. In addition, consumers will have new vehicles for accessing and interacting with their own health data. The result is healthcare innovation that leads to more satisfying user experiences for all,” concluded MEDITECH.

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