Johannesburg start-up, Medishare, has developed a cloud-based eHealth platform that aims to allow healthcare professionals to quickly and securely share reports and other healthcare related information with each other.

The Medishare platform is envisioned to enable practitioners to share information via reports or forums, which the organisation believes is a simpler and safer alternative to sharing reports and providing referrals via more conventional means, such as fax or even email. The platform is also intended to act as an electronic storage option, replacing paper folders and external hard drives.

In an interview with Disrupt Africa, Founder and CEO of Medishare, Brett Steingo, said: “We believe that while social networking and other recent internet standards have had significant impact on most people’s lives – including the way they work – healthcare professionals make very little use of these tools to communicate and collaborate within their professional environments.”

“We hope to bring these benefits to healthcare professionals in a simple, tailored way so that time investments by the practitioners are easily justified and result in benefits as soon as possible,” continued Steingo.

The platform is designed in complete compliance with the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act to help healthcare providers meet the strict standards. “The truth is that while doctors are slowly catching on, the pain is not bad enough yet to motivate mainstream behavioural change. Some doctors will still write on a piece of paper and fax the note to another doctor,” said Steingo.

According to Steingo, Medishare has recently signed a contract with a large organisation that houses over 1,000 healthcare professionals, which intends to use the platform to facilitate both private groups for members and an Advisory Forum open to all practitioners registered on Medishare.

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