Dr Jacques Snyman has been appointed as the new CEO of Medical Specialist Holdings (MSH), a new holding company that was formed in 2016 to streamline the business activities of Equra Health and Isimo Health and create a better corporate structure for more effective governance.

Dr Snyman was previously the CEO of Isimo Health and before that, Head of Pharmacology at the University of Pretoria for 20 years. He was also previously a President of the South African Society for Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (SASBCP).

“My mandate from the Board of Directors of MSH is to increase the value for our shareholders by creating increased access to cancer care i.e. affordable quality care,” said Dr Snyman.

Isimo Health is a healthcare company that is improving access and quality of patient care in Africa by aligning medical specialists and funders by applying proprietary, evidence-based protocols and systems.

Equra Health is the leading provider of quality radiation therapy facility services in South Africa and is an eager potential partner of the National Health Insurance (NHI) programme of the South African government.

Dr Snyman supports this proposed partnership in offering patient-centred cancer care services and believes that the private healthcare sector has excess capacity which will be useful within the NHI model to those who has no or limited access to care.

“The differential pricing models which is based on the ability to pay has been implemented successfully elsewhere in the world and can be deployed in our context – hence, those with a better ability to pay subsidise those who do not have that ability,” said Dr Snyman.

As the new CEO of MSH, Dr Snyman supports the notion of ensuring clinical data is effectively captured and utilised to improve cancer care services and patient outcomes.

 “In an integrated care model, data is King and so is patient confidentiality. Therefore, decision-making is data-driven while simultaneously patient confidentiality is ensured,” concluded Dr Snyman.

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