Medical Practice Consulting (MPC) offers technological solutions to the healthcare industry that bring together the worlds of education, professional development, risk management and information technology.

Where Implemented

As the healthcare division of Pioneering Solutions Studio (Pty) Ltd headquartered in Pretoria, MPC is a private company registered in South Africa during 2009. MPC is majority-owned by the Foundation for Professional Development (FPD) and ultimately owned by the South African Medical Association (SAMA).

MPC is a multi-disciplinary firm that offers a range of educational and clinical software solutions tailored for the local and larger African healthcare industry.

Contribution to eHealth in SA

MPC’s core services are eHealth-focused. The organisation services thousands of South African healthcare professionals and patients through their Online Medical Education System and Health Information Systems.

The Medical Education System is a virtual community for healthcare professionals. The system was created with the aim of providing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) support to South African healthcare professionals only, but today the system supports healthcare professionals as far as Nigeria, Tanzania, Bangladesh and Cambodia. It provides healthcare professionals access to their integrated CPD Manager, accredited medical journals, registered medical CPD, Continuing Medical Education (CME) and medical short courses, as well as medical qualifications registered with the South African Department of Higher Education. Through their Independent Medical Education (IME) services, MPC provides independent management of scholarships, on behalf of big pharma, for healthcare professionals to attend international medical conferences.

MPC’s healthcare information systems are based on TRISCOMS® technology. It forms the basis of several risk management solutions developed and implemented in mobile clinics and Thuthuzela Care Centres (TCCs). Their TRISCOMS® technology supports hundreds of thousands of patients within the HIV testing and counselling process, as well as survivors of gender-based violence, rape and sexual assault.

Their healthcare-focused Business Intelligence Services (BIS) empowers stakeholders and clients to process information from raw data and convert it into knowledge at a rapid rate through their turn-key solutions. Their data warehousing solutions are integrated with all their eHealth systems, whether online or mobile, and provide real-time sights into the healthcare outcomes of patients, as well as the learning outcomes of healthcare professionals.

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