Med-e-Mass offers clinical and financial management software solutions and related services for modern day applications in the healthcare industry. Their core eHealth products are HEALTHone and HEALTHone Connect – patient record systems that offer the functions required for optimal management of healthcare records in a computerised environment. Elixir, apart from its strong billing features, also offers some clinical record keeping functionality that can be maintained in one Clinical Information System.  Their other mainstream products include Med-e-Mass + and Mastermed – designed to speed up administration duties within a practice, clinic or hospital.

Where Implemented

Med-e-Mass’ national dealer network boasts close to 30 dealers servicing a collective customer base of over 9,500 licensed practitioners.

Contribution to eHealth in SA

Several leading health and wellness companies, universities and industrial companies have deployed Med-e-Mass to manage and drive eHealth within their ranks. Med-e-Mass also supports a critical mass of PMA systems in South Africa.

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