MACH4 GmbH of Germany is the world’s leading manufacturer of automated medicine management, storage, handling and dispensing robotic systems.

MACH4 supplies safe and secure automated, drug management systems into pharmacies, hospitals and the healthcare industry, providing improved efficiency, reduces work load and effective cost savings. The system is designed to eliminate interfacing issues which have been experienced before using many other systems. In addition, the systems fully comply with the latest medical practices in prescribing drugs. Stock losses due to pilferage and expired stocks are eliminated. Incorrect drug dispensing is avoided.

Where Implemented

MACH4 has been manufacturing, installing, maintaining and servicing automated modular dispensing systems, also known as dispensing robots, for pharmacies for over 20 years. MACH4 employs over 200 people in Germany alone and many more worldwide that includes experts and engineers to create bespoke and tailor made solutions for every kind of pharmacy, wholesale pharmacy, clinic or hospital.

MACH4 entered the South African market back in 2009 and  has already installed 53 units at different sites throughout Gauteng. Another 18 will be installed in Gauteng and the Free State in early 2018. Major Public Hospital installation are at Steve Biko, Helen Joseph and Themba Lethu Clinic.

Public Dispensing Units (PDU) are installed at Alexandra Plaza, Ndofaya Mall and Bara Mall in Soweto. Diepsloot and Bloemfontein will follow shortly. All of  these sites are being operated by our Right ePharmacy (Pty) Ltd.

Contribution to eHealth in SA

With over 20 years experience in the healthcare sector, MACH4 is able to develop innovative automation solutions designed to meet the needs of modern hospital and pharmacy requirements which fully comply with the latest good medical practices in prescribing drugs.

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