m2Health is a privately-held firm  that develops, distributes and supports mHealth technologies to improve access to affordable healthcare for all communities.

m2Health is behind an award-winning hearing screening technology for smartphones/devices with mHealth support. Its accuracy has been verified in clinical trials and published in the peer-reviewed International Journal of Audiology. m2Health’s solution aims to revolutionise hearing health by enabling mass screening and optimised hearing at a price point that was previously unattainable, while at the same time guaranteeing clinical quality, simplicity, scalability and support.

m2Health’s technology seamlessly integrates optimised screening, optimised diagnosis, optimised care and optimised hearing, which is enabled by technology that customises sound for each individuals hearing profile.

Where Implemented

m2Health is refining an audiology solution in South Africa and China, and is seeking to expand the offering globally.

Contribution to eHealth in SA

m2Health is working with health authorities in South Africa and other African countries on health problems acknowledged by WHO as key global health concerns, which include hearing loss and monitoring ototoxic and neurotoxicity effects of medication for HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria.

M2Health’s solution promotes hearing health and wellness, and improves quality of life for any level of hearing impairment, particularly students and the elderly. The solution is accessible, scalable, affordable and clinically validated.

For more information visit: www.m2Health.co.za 

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