Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd., and LifeQ are collaborating to ensure health data generated from its wearable devices delivers on current and future high efficacy information requirements of the health insurance and corporate wellness ecosystems.

By combining the wearable devices of Garmin with the unique on-device and cloud based biomathematical capabilities of LifeQ, the two companies will deliver a joint digital health solution as part of the broader health ecosystem.

This integrative collaboration enables personalised and continuous tracking of physiological parameters related to sleep, stress, activity and nutrition as well as risk metrics as required by the insurance and pharmaceutical industry (such as cardiovascular age).

According to LifeQ and Garmin, the data will enable health insurers to further analyse population risk factors to define new products and services that are more personalised, and to help lower the cost of healthcare delivery across the world.

These personalised data streams can also provide the necessary insights and context to assist consumers in making smarter health and lifestyle decisions for themselves and their families.

With its world-leading computational systems biology expertise, LifeQ ensures a unique scientific approach to the delivery of individual physiological information from wearable and other data sources.

Combined with the patented LifeQ biomathematical engine, a range of physiological measures that are currently inaccessible, costly and invasive are now available via LifeQ’s API for ecosystem members to integrate with.

“The connected health and insurance ecosystem of the future will be propelled forward to a whole new level through rapid delivery of personalised physiological information that is now possible due to rapid advances in hardware and analytics capabilities,” said Co-Founder and COO of LifeQ, Riaan Conradie.

 “By combining LifeQ’s computational systems biology based on-device and cloud-based analytics products with Garmin’s world leading devices we will jointly open up a range of high value personalised solutions to the health and life insurance industry.  We are very excited about this preferred partnership,” continued Conradie.

LifeQ and Garmin have a joint passion for data generation and delivery to enable health transformation services, and they believe that this collaboration will strengthen the ecosystem in the rapidly growing connected health market.

“Garmin is excited to team up with LifeQ to enable the advancement of the healthcare industry,” said Manager of Garmin Health sales and marketing, Allison Swelin.

“Garmin wearables are being used across a number of healthcare applications as a tool to help monitor things like activity levels, all-day heart rate and sleep,” concluded Swelin.

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