LifeMap Solutions, the digital health subsidiary of BioTime, Inc. and co-developer of ResearchKit-enabled app Asthma Health, has announced a new service to develop custom smartphone apps and research studies for partners worldwide.

Through the new service, LifeMap offers clients its expertise in medical science, consumer behaviour, app analytics and design.

LifeMap then adds the client’s own unique expertise to the mix and guides the development, from concept to completion, of a new research or care app and, optionally, a scientific study.

LifeMap is the only commercial developer to participate in the launch of Apple’s ResearchKit and has worked closely with innovative research institutions and commercial organisations such as the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Stanford University School of Medicine, the Mount Sinai – National Jewish Health Respiratory Institute and 23andMe.

“The ResearchKit revolution has struck a chord in the scientific and medical industries,” said CEO of LifeMap Solutions, Corey Bridges.

“Research institutions, hospitals and multinational pharmaceutical companies have asked us to help them. They’ve expressed a strong interest in breaking out of the ‘bricks and mortar’ constraints of traditional research studies and care tools. For research studies in particular, the benefits of using mHealth best practices are extremely compelling: recruiting thousands of study participants nationally or even internationally, obtaining consent through the friendly interface of the iPhone, and passively collecting participants’ health information. We’re entering a new era of accelerated scientific discovery. And, with Apple’s new CareKit platform, I expect we’ll see a similar revolution in medical care. Thanks to our team’s unique skillset and experience, I believe LifeMap Solutions will play a market-leading role as the mHealth field evolves,” continued Bridges.

According to LifeMap Solutions, their team will work with their partners to develop and build the research apps from conception to completion.

LifeMap will also help to best utilise the data obtained through the app to further research and transform findings into scientific articles and peer-reviewed publications with a team of highly skilled data scientists.

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