Lean Summit Africa 2018 has announced a selection of speakers and workshops covering operational excellence, lean management, work culture transformation, and continuous improvement across public and private sectors, including healthcare and artificial intelligence (AI).

Hosted by the Lean Institute Africa (LIA), the 9th annual event will take place at The Vineyard Hotel in Cape Town from 30 October to 1 November 2018 with the theme ‘Transforming Organisations and Lives Through Purpose-Process-People’.

“The Summit’s theme illustrates that through lean, organisations can change and improve for the better, but the impact on people’s lives is profound: in terms of employees’ personal development and how they feel about coming to work, and even in relation to saving lives in the context of healthcare improvements,” said the LIA CEO, Rose Heathcote.

“This is a strong theme in the context of the LIA’s purpose for sustainable societal development. If everyone in Africa is solving problems that matter, every day, what can this do for economic and societal development?” continued Heathcote.

Those attending the Summit will have the opportunity to hear first-hand how South African, African and International organisations have enabled transformation through Lean Management.

The Summit will host three keynote speakers: Furuhashi, an internationally recognised Lean Practitioner from Japan; CEO of Catalysis, Kim Barnas; and the CEO of the UK-based Lean Enterprise Academy, David Brunt.

Furuhashi has partnered with the LIA over a period of more than 21 years, running best practice workshops in South Africa, with 13 taking place in factories, two in hospitals, and one at a mine.

Barnas has been working with public hospitals in South Africa including Groote Schuur and Leratong Hospitals, coaching senior management in lean leadership and organisational transformation.

Brunt has worked extensively with the auto-retail group Halfway Toyota in South Africa and Botswana, incorporating lean management and technology to improve efficiency.

Other invited speakers include CTO at DataProphet, Michael Grant, who is an expert in AI to improve manufacturing efficiency; CEO of Groote Schuur Hospital, Dr Bhavna Patel; CEO of Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation, (CCBRT) Erwin Telemans, from Tanzania; entrepreneur Webster Kushata; Founder of the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business Solutions Space, Sarah-Anne Alman; and In2Food’s Nibbly Bits Operations Manager, Stephan Drees, who will be talking about tangible transformation within his factory in Wellington.

“Our passion at the LIA is promoting lean thinking and practice in sub-Saharan Africa, contributing to our global purpose to make the world a better place,” said Heathcote.

“Lean thinking is a management approach that encourages problem-solving and contributions from all employees to drive continuous improvement daily in their organisations,” concluded Heathcote.

More information about the Lean Summit Africa 2018, including programme, speaker bios and ticket pricing can be found here.

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