Kriel Technology Group (KTG) (Pty) Ltd is a health technology distribution company that specialises in the distribution of “game-changer” technologies in the Medical, Food Technology, Agriculture and Automotive sectors. KTG’s main focus is the supply of app enabled devices.

Where implemented

KTG launched in South Africa in July 2014, and aims to be an African company that will be positioned to excel within the emerging markets by providing solutions to major challenges in the aforementioned sectors. KTG intends to provide scalable, relevant solutions to millions of healthcare workers and patients alike across sub-Saharan African and Indian Ocean Islands.

Contribution to eHealth in SA

KTG’s goal is to empower the product user, so that they have a personally-controlled record via a registered profile of all devices offered by the group. All records are stored on the cloud and can be readily available for sending to relevant specialists, practitioners and loyalty programme data bases.

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