The City of Johannesburg is piloting an eHealth system aimed at improving efficiency at healthcare facilities.

The city recently unveiled a pilot using theHealthSource (tHS) – an electronic patient record-keeping system – at Slovoville Clinic south of Johannesburg. The pilot is part of a partnership with private sector constituencies, including multinational mining company Anglo American, and others from the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

The eHealth solution is envisioned to provide the opportunity to follow the health of individuals over time, irrespective of healthcare provider, place of residence or source of funding for the healthcare. In a recent statement the city said the system and data are “secure and confidential, and constant vigilance is maintained.”

Chief medical officer at Anglo American, Dr Brian Brink, noted that Slovoville residents who used to get health services from a container or even travel far to hospitals will be “the first in the public sector to be underpinned by an eHealth information system developed by Anglo American.”

The city has announced that tHS is available through “secure Web-based transacting and ensures a single patient medical record is used by varied healthcare workers, appropriate medical testing is done without duplication, advised interventions occur and enhances medical decision-making about treatment and care.”

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