Diabetic patients using Johnson & Johnson’s (J&J) LifeScan OneTouch Reveal’s mobile diabetes management app can now view their blood sugar readings directly in the Apple Health app on their iPhone and choose to securely share that data with their healthcare providers.

J&J has become the first major blood glucose monitoring manufacturer to directly support the Apple Health app, which provides a dashboard of health and fitness data.

“Diabetes management needs to be approached holistically – looking not only at blood glucose levels, but also insights gleaned from how factors like diet and exercise, as well as insulin and other medications impact individual treatment regimens,” said J&J Diabetes Solutions Chief Medical Officer, Dr Brian Levy.

“We’re giving patients the ability to look at their glucose numbers in relationship to other things going on in their lives through the Apple Health app such as physical activity, diet and sleep patterns,” continued Dr Levy.

OneTouch Verio® Sync meter users can wirelessly sync their data to the OneTouch Reveal® mobile app for access across multiple devices. With this new announcement, users who wirelessly sync their blood sugar data to the OneTouch Reveal app can sync that data with the Apple Health app to be alerted when their blood glucose levels are running too high or too low.

“That helps them to figure out when changes are necessary to get their blood sugar back in control so that they don’t have to wait until their next doctor’s appointment,” said J&J Diabetes Solutions’ Worldwide Director of Marketing for Digital Engagement and New Product Development, David DeJonghe.

“The data can be shared in the cloud and a physician can actually look at it and see how a patient is performing over time, connecting the patient and the healthcare professional so they can make decisions together.”

Launched last year by Apple, the HealthKit application programming interface has been gaining momentum as a software platform for developers to enable apps that provide health and fitness services to share their data with Apple’s Health app, says Health Data Management.

HealthKit collects data from disparate health and fitness apps and makes it available to Apple users through the Health app. As part of HealthKit, health data is stored in a centralised secure location and users decide which data should be shared with the app.

Users can give permissions to providers as well as care givers such as family members to see their data available from the Apple Health app.

“Diabetes is a really complex disease to manage and one size never fits all in that each patient living with diabetes is different from another with different needs. Integrating the OneTouch Reveal app with Apple HealthKit allows patients to put the pieces of their own diabetes puzzle together so that they can communicate more intelligently and meaningfully with their healthcare professional to figure out what’s best for them,” concluded Dr Levy.

The OneTouch Reveal mobile app is available for free download from the Apple App Store or can be found at www.OneTouch.com.

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