iRel8, a social network for mental wellness, has launched multi-lingual capability covering 63 languages – including Afrikaans – to connect people around the world in their native language, using Microsoft’s Translate API.

“Mental health does not discriminate and has no borders. We believe launching new technical capabilities via Microsoft, along with our growing network of partners and communities, squarely positions iRel8 as the leading global social network for mental wellness,” said iRel8 Co-founders Dion Gonzales and Jeff Dorchester.

“Our migration to Microsoft Azure, implementation of Microsoft’s Translate API, and, recently announced, Azure SignalR Service are critical elements to support exponential growth and ensure seamless delivery of messages to our users across the world,” continued Gonzales and Dorchester.

iRel8 provides an anonymous, peer-to-peer digital platform where users with mental health issues can offer support and advice to one another, much like anonymous, in-person recovery groups. For users, the technology allows anonymity, which encourages open dialogue to stop the stigma often associated with mental health needs. iRel8 also maintains strict terms of use ensuring conversations are safe and appropriate.

“Mental health issues are at epidemic levels and affect all of us on a global scale. Companies addressing mental health challenges benefit from the trusted and productive Microsoft Azure cloud platform, and have the ability to help people in their native language utilising the Microsoft Translate API,” said Director, Program Management, Cloud + AI, Microsoft Corp, Jay Schmelzer.

iRel8 has also announced their partnership with two US-based mental health awareness organisations, (ILF) and We’re All a Little “Crazy”, to provide anonymous peer support to the communities they serve.

ILF, founded by TED Speaker and Emmy Winner, Nikki Webber Allen, is committed to ending the cultural stigma of depression, anxiety and other mental disorders in teenagers and young adults of colour in the US. Using short films, live events and social media to inform, inspire and connect, ILF creates a safe space for honest, unapologetic conversations about mental health in communities. Under the new partnership, iRel8’s peer-to-peer, anonymous platform will give young adults a safe place to share problems and experiences they face day-to-day.

“iRel8 and ILF are proactively using their platforms to stop the stigma with mental health amongst teens and young adults of colour,” said Allen.

We’re All a Little “Crazy” is a platform founded by 15-year professional Sports Executive, Eric Kussin – who has experienced severe PTSD – to bring together athletes, celebrities and expert practitioners to address the topic of mental health with uniformity through their #SameHere Movement.

“iRel8 is joining in with We’re All a Little “Crazy’s” #SameHere Alliance, bringing together athletes, celebrities, artists, and companies communicating there are life challenges that ALL people face, regardless of stature, and, it’s not about disorders alone, mental health is a topic of interest to us all,” said Kussin.

The iRel8 app is available for both Apple and Android devices in their respective stores. Following a 90 day promotional period, users can buy the app and thereafter pay a small monthly subscription fee.

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